Notable People

Notable people of Chester, NH

CharlesHBell Charles H. Bell 38th Governor of NH and US Senator Son of John Bell
JohnBell John Bell 12th Governor of NH Father of Charles H. Bell
SamuelBell Samuel Bell 8th Governor of NH Brother of John Bell
SamuelNewellBell Samuel N. Bell US Congressman Grandson of Samuel Bell
Louis Bell Col. Louis Bell Click Here for More Info
220px-Timothy_Dexter "Lord" Timothy Dexter early American businessman
Daniel_Chester_French Daniel Chester French sculptor of Lincoln Memorial Statue (summer resident)
BBFrench Benjamin Brown French US Commissioner of Public Buildings during Lincoln Admin. He made the funeral arrangements when President Lincoln's little boy died and made the podium for Lincoln's casket to set on. Benjamin Brown French lived in what is now the Rossetti's house or what is often referred to as the "Cradle House" for when the Vanderbilt's owned the house it was used to house the children with a nanny.